How To Reach Dudhwa National Park

How To Reach Dudhwa National Park

How To Reach Dudhwa National Park

Access : Dudhwa Tiger Reserve is accessible both by rail and road. The Dudhwa branch-line of the North-east Railways links Dudhwa/Palia with Lucknow, Bareilly and Gonda. The Dudhwa Railway Station is right in the heart of the Park about 4 km from the tourist complex at Dudhwa national park.

From Delhi :

Road :
  • Delhi - Moradabad - Bareilly - Pilibhit ( or Shahjahanpur)-Khutar -Mailani - Palia-Dudhwa (430 km).
  • Shahjahanpur-Powayan-Khutar-Mailani-Palia-Dudhwa (107 km approx.)
  • Bareilly-Pilibhit-Puranpur-Khutar-Mailani-Palia-Dudhwa (178 km approx.)

Rail : Delhi-Moradabad-Bareilly-Shahjahanpur (N.R. 301 km) and then by road to Dudhwa (107 km).

From Lucknow :

Lucknow is the nearest airport. Many airlines operate a number of flights to Lucknow from major cities across India. Outside India, Nepal at a distance of 35 kms is the nearest airport.

Road :
  • Lucknow-Sitapur-Lakhimpur-Gola-Khutar-Mailani-Palia-Dudhwa (248 km).
  • Lucknow-Sitapur-Lakhimpur-Bijua-Bhira-Mailani-Palia-Dudhwa (219 km).
  • The nearest railheads are Dudhwa (4 kms), Palia (10 kms) and Mailani (37 kms), though the most convenient way would be to travel to Lucknow and then reach Dudhwa by road or train.
  • Lucknow-Sitapur-Lakhimpur-Gola-Mailani-Palia-Dudhwa (NER) (270 km approx.)

Distance from Major Cities

  • Lucknow: 238 km
  • Delhi: 410 km
  • Mumbai: 1277
  • Bangalore: 1697

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